About Us  
Plugcord is an over 25-years old, quality-conscience manufacturing company located in New Delhi, India. The company specializes in manufacture of customized plastic molded components, brake wear sensors, wire harnesses and various types of molded cords for electronic, automotive and other industrial applications.
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  Brake Pad Wear Sensors  
With our range of brake padwear sensors, Plugcord is an ideal partner for brake system manufacturers and distributors. Our brake-pad wear-sensors give the car manufacturers and drivers certainty that their vehicles

are under way with fully functional brakes.

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  Contract Manufacturing: PCB & Systems Assembly  
"Contract Manufacturer" — the sound of those words implies a temporary, short-term client-manufacturer relationship; exactly the opposite of what Plugcord works to achieve with each customer.
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  Durable, Reliable & Custom Manufactured Molded Cords  
Plugcord manufactures all types of molded power cords, lead assemblies, and molded junctions for OEMs’ and after-markets in a variety of industries.
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  Wire Harness  
Plugcord specializes in Wiring Harnesses for a wide range of Industries. Depending on your specific needs, these can be customized to meet your requirements.

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Head Office
  7 Jaipur Estate, Nizamuddin East,
New Delhi - 110013, (INDIA)

Phone   - + 91 – 11 - 41825860 / 70


Fax  - + 91 - 11- 41825840


Works  - C - 9, Sec - 4, Noida


Phone  - + 91 – 120 - 2520281


Email   - info@plugcord.com

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